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Who Are We?

ABRA Design consists of a team that has implemented many projects with design, engineering and production services with a global project management approach.

To meet the developing technology and the needs arising from it .Our design office, which started to serve the companies we are in contact with in 2022, considers it a duty to reach our valued customers in various sectors and started to meet your demands.

We are a Product Design company with a strong background in end-to-end product development for Consumer Goods and Industrial products and high-tech products such as Smart Devices.

As ABRA Design, we work with the principle of solution partner, primarily trust. We aim to solve challenges by combining our own values with our business partners and customers.

At ABRA Design, we specialize in helping clients navigate the patent landscape for new product ideas and then develop unique product concepts based on available opportunities.

We design the future from today

7 Aşamalı Uçtan Uca Sürecimiz ile Ürünler Pazara Eksiksiz ve Hızlı Sürülür

    • 0.1 Idea Generation Process (with Customer Visit)
    • 0.2 Idea Classification and Evaluation Process
    • 0.3 IDEO Design Thinking Process
    • M0: Idea Release
    • 1.1 Benchmark Comparisons
    • 1.2 Target Product Features
    • 1.3 Target Market,Customer and Requirements
    • M1: Project Requirement Release
    • 2.1 Consept Mechanic/Electronic/Software Design
    • 2.2 Functional Model Prototype Making
    • 2.3 Estimated Project Duration and Cost
    • 2.4 Patent Search and Application
    • M2: Design Consept Release
    • 3.1 Project Duration and Project Cost
    • 3.2 Market Pricing, Turnover and Profit Margin
    • 3.3 CAPEX and ROI Estimation
    • M3: Project Release
    • 4.1 Offical Project Start
    • 4.2 Creating Final Product/System Specification
    • 4.3 Functional Model
    • M4: Proof of Project
    • 5.1 Creation of Final 3D CAD and 2D Drawings
    • 5.2 Prototyping and Validation
    • 5.3 Mould Manufacturing
    • 5.4 Trial Production and Revisions
    • 5.5 Test Planning and Technical Approval
    • M5: Development Release
    • 6.1 First Mass Productions and Approval
    • 6.2 Market Preparations (Catalogue etc.)
    • M6: Preseries Release
    • 7.1 Serial Production
    • 7.2 Making First Shipment
    • 7.3 Completion of Marketing Gadgets
    • 7.4 Monitoring Feedback
    • M7: Serial Release



We aim to meet our customers' needs and expectations by offering high quality and original designs. If you have a project or design idea, do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to offer you customized solutions with our professional team.



You can make all kinds of opinions, suggestions, complaints.


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